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So here we are at the end of week two of the Drop Away Diet Drops program and I’m still finding the results very interesting.

Not necessarily due to the results on their own but because of just what I am discovering transpiring with my own personal body and cravings.

As I said throughout the last video I have dieted in the past implementing a protein only diet but in the course of the diet I was drinking protein drinks in order to reduce the hunger and I needed some thing as a sweet treat each and every day that was a couple of slices of a chocolate protein bar.

Furthermore, i said last week that I actually observed when using the diet drops that they suppressed by appetite but I was also pleased to discover I didn’t possess any sugar hankerings and I made it very clear I wasn’t confident that it had anything to do with the diet drops.

Now this week continues to be precisely the same. Other than one day when I did experience hunger late at night I’ve been rather happily consuming the particular food items as per the weight loss plan.

The fact is, if I was to be truthful, I believe I have not been eating enough on the other hand have liked my evening meals and like I said I have did not have any urges for something sweet therefore my only sugar consumption is on my morning cereal.

I had also made it very clear all along that it is not necessarily weight I am concerned, it is rather a change in shape so I do not have the mid-life bulges exactly where I don’t desire them.

Having said that I’m delighted to declare that over the first two weeks on the Drop Away Diet Drops plan I’ve already lost a total of eight lbs up to now but more to the point for me personally I noticed that my tummy has diminished in size so I am inspired to carry on with the diet.

As a note of interest there are actually other individuals that I know who are also on the Drop Away drops and they’ve lost ten pounds during the first 2 weeks having started at a lighter weight as compared to me consequently percentage wise they’re doing even better than me.

And so based on my own, personal evidence up to now I am able to say there is rapid weight loss with no feelings of starvation as well as without resorting to exercising that has really impressed me.

On the other hand, it is actually early day’s yet so let’s wait and see.

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