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No-one knows your business like you do.  No-one is as passionately involved in your business as you are.  We may be doing ourselves out of a job but at Rocky PR we believe that you and your staff are undoubtedly the best people who can promote your business directly to your target audiences.

It’s worth remembering that sincerity is the virtue of someone who speaks openly and honestly about their passion – both personal and professional.

We can help to train you and your staff in the pro-active promotion of your business.  Whether you need to improve your direct marketing techniques or require an understanding of public relations opportunities; maybe you’re looking to improve employee communications or you’re ready and willing to speak with the media.  We can tailor a training package to meet your business needs.

We also provide a comprehensive social media training and mentoring programme. Unlike many other social media experts, we don’t simply show the technicalities behind all the current social media tools but we also give help and advice on what you should say, when you should be saying and who you should be saying it too!

What’s more, we can access funding to support this training through a number of available grants established specifically to assist local organisations with their training requirements.

Through our Manager’s Guide to Marketing course we introduce delegates to the purpose, importance and potential role of marketing and communications within their organisation, demonstrating how these tools can be developed on a strategic level in line with an organisation’s business aims.


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