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So what’s the difference?

Marketing is a direct form of communication with messages targeted at a specific audience.  It’s more like selling and is driven by consumers’ or customers’ wants and needs. The goal is to get some kind of action from your target market.

Public Relations is a facet of marketing but is a more subtle means of communicating with your target audience as your message is endorsed by someone else. Essentially PR involves creating positive relationships and these can be between a CEO and his employees, between two existing businesses, between a business and the general public and so on.   The focus is on image building and management and developing two way communications.

A combination of the two is awesome.


Whether your focus is on just marketing, just PR, or both, it should not be regarded as an expense but as a financial investment as any new business is a return on that investment.

At Rocky PR, we will develop and target your Marketing and PR strategy to suit your business needs.  This could be on a project basis or on a longer term programme.   We will provide you with a shopping list of options based on our skills and experience ranging from:

  • Direct mail, telephone and on-line marketing activities
  • Database development for targeted communications
  • Media Relations
  • Web content management
  • Publication development and production including design and copy writing
  • Awareness raising seminars and business briefings
  • Copy writing (inc SEO and online content, feature articles, press releases, product descriptions, direct marketing, ebooks and newsletters)

Rocky PR –  providing knock out marketing and PR solutions


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