Facebook Still Good For Small Business Marketers

In the recent post on Foxbusiness.com by Chad Brooks it was pointed out that Facebook was still ripe for business marketer’s.

Business owners are now totally aware of the effect social networking can have on their own marketing and advertising therefore it is no great surprise to find out that Facebook continues to be a dominant marketing and advertising funnel. Actually there has been a rise in Facebook profiles from internet surfers since 2012 demonstrating that Facebook is still the number one marketing and advertising funnel especially when it aimed towards business to consumer.

Each of the social networking stations also appear to be creating their particular demographics with Pinterest becoming very popular with girls with figures displaying that females are 4x very likely to use their pinboards when compared with their male counterparts.

What all the figures are showing is that small business owners should be using the relevant social media channels such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to build their online communities and online marketing channels if they are to take advantage of these highly targeted social media platforms.

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