Social Media Marketing Company For Business Owners in Swansea, Cardiff & South Wales

As a business owner the greatest dilemma many of us experience is actually knowing the best places to invest your marketing and advertising budget. There massive pressure on virtually all of us to ensure you spend your hard earned money on the correct marketing channels for your goods or services.

One of the greatest elements of change we have seen over recent years is social media marketing. Now I must admit that as somebody who has always been a big fan of Google and search engine optimisation up until a few years ago I was not a big fan of social media marketing and advertising.

What I couldn’t get my head around was say ‘what’ to ‘whom’ and ‘why’?

Having said that I am now social media marketing’s biggest fan and I’ll show you why I think it is the biggest potential for each and every local business manager who operates a small or medium sized business.

There’s two significant reasons why I have become such a big lover of social media marketing for local business marketing and advertising …

1) Search engine rankings

2) Highly targeted advertising

Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation

During the last number of years Google has been updating their search engine with the Panda update, the Penguin update and the Hummingbird update. So some of the mearsureables that Google will be looking while ranking your web-site and other online assets is social indicators.

Just what exactly do I mean by social indicators. Well consider football by way of example, specifically Swansea City as well as Cardiff City. When they were in the Championship there’s a particular degree of discussion on-line with individuals talking about them. Now they are in the Premiership the degree of online discussions about them is through the roof.

Now this relates to small businesses as well. After all, surely, if your business enterprise was really among the finest in your town or city there would be people talking about you. This is why social media marketing is becoming an essential part of online advertising and marketing for any small business owner. Even as a local small business owner you need to develop a buzz around your own brand as this will also help your search engine rankings.

Social Media Advertising

The next major good thing about social media marketing is advertising.

So just why is advertising on social media advertising so effective?

When folks join a social media platform such as Facebook they furnish a great deal of information particularly their name, age, where they live etc.

Secondly, when they are posting on their social media channels their dialogue provides even more data so that you can identify your target audience.

With regards to Google Adwords you’re attempting to put your ad in-front of people who are seeking the sort of merchandise you offer as opposed to with social media advertising, you can find every person who has indicated they participate in rugby and place your advert right in front of their eyes inside their newsfeed. This is powerful stuff.

You’ll be able to take any goods or service and place it right in front of your respective target audience increasing your roi.

Now you may understand how effective social media marketing can be and exactly why every single local business needs to look at using social media marketing to build their brand, increase their sales while increasing their search engine rankings on Google.

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