Are you in a position to tender for Public Sector contracts?

Many SME’s struggle when it comes to tendering for public sector contracts through the opportunities offered by Sell2Wales.  This is mainly because the contracts are large and long term and therefore would account for a very high percentage of an SME’s workload.  This in turn represents a risk for the public sector purchaser.

The answer is ‘collaboration’.   If you can team up with one or two complementary businesses you have a better chance of succeeding with tenders due to the spread of the workload.   It’s important to make sure one of the businesses is the ‘lead’ tenderer and also that there is clarity on roles and responsibilities before the tender is submitted.

Another reason why some SME’s fail in the tender process is that they don’t complete the relevant forms correctly or answer any questions fully.     Fortuntately, the CBSA, which offers support to local SME’s, can help.  They not only run workshops to help you understand the tender process and make the most of your Sell2Wales profile, but they will also help you with the tender documents.

For more information on tendering collaboration contact Jackie at Rocky PR.





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